Tongkat ali weightloss

If you want to lose more than 100 pounds (45 kg) of weight, you are an ideal candidate for our weight loss program. If you want to lose just 50 pounds, you are still a good candidate, and certainly, you can achieve the weight-loss you aim for. Losing just about 10 pounds, if that is all you need, is easy. But whether 10 or 100 kilo, we can assure you that the fat will not come back.

OK, hereis the deal.

Purchase through us a 2-year supply of 1:200 tongkat ali extract. The extract is from the most reputable manufacturer, Sumatra Pasak Bumi in Medan, Indonesia. Their website is

The tongkat ali extract is delivered directly by Sumatra Pasak Bumi, and you pay the normal price.

In addition, and this comes from us, you receive detailed dosage and lifestyle advice on how to lose 50 or 100 or even 200 pounds of weight.

Now, please do not underestimate the importance of our advice. It is an absolutely necessary part of the package.

Tongkat ali is the greatest medical plant on earth. Because it enhances the body's own synthesis of testosterone, it improves all aspects of sexuality, it helps build muscle, and it has substantial potential in the prevention of cancer.

You never lose with tongkat ali.

For your specific concern, radical weight-loss, it has even been patented.

It is not us who patented tongkat ali for weight-loss, and we are not using the patented application.

How to become a reseller

Our ideas, and our knowledge, are better, and our path is far, far more effective. If you have been very overweight for the past few or many years, we will revolutionize your life. Even more than that: we will give you a new life as the slim person you always wanted to be. After you have lost something between 15 and 150 pounds, do not just go out and tell everyone. Instead, start making money as a reseller.

Our offer is a discount of 25 percent on the tongkat ali supply that comes with signing up for the Ashton Ray tongkat ali diet. Thus, a reseller has the opportunity of earning 1,000 US Dollars with every new participant. And believe me: there are many overweight people in the world.

It's not just those who want to lose 100 pounds. The tongkat ali diet guarantees life-long ideal weight with minimal adjustments to daily routines.

The power is in the tongkat ali, combined with appropriate dosage and lifestyle information. The tongkat ali alone, in this case, will not do it, not without the proper information.

The reseller program is only open to those who have previously signed up for the tongkat ali diet for their own use.